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We use stainless steel metal to produce our entire collection. 100 percent recyclable and nickel free, this particular metal is resistant to tarnishing and rust. 

Stainless steel has been a trusted type of metal for luxury watch brands for more than 100 years. We chose stainless steel for its modern aesthetic and it's also eco-friendly!

All of our Steel and 'plated' items (Gold, Rose Gold, Black) do not turn, tarnish, lose color or affect your skin in any way. The color and shiny finish will last with little to no maintenance. Avoid spraying perfume and applying lotion directly onto jewelry.

Simply clean your item(s) with warm water and antibacterial soap. Dry with a paper towel or hand towel. Use a jewelry polishing cloth to maintain the shiny finish. For more tips on keeping your jewelry in pristine condition, contact us at